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Programs Overview

Programs are key to fulfilling our mission at OCCJ. In our efforts to promote and achieve a just and hospitable state for all, each of our initiatives seeks to actively engage persons of all diverse backgrounds and identities. We invite you to take a look at what we're doing, and how we do it. Then join us!

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Our Methodology

Our programs offer learning in both the cognitive and affective domains by

  1. providing theory and models for understanding the importance of diverse and inclusive communities;
  2. impacting participants’ own feelings, experiences and stories, along with the feelings, experiences, and stories of others; and
  3. developing tools, skills, and strategies that participants can use to make appropriate and meaningful changes in their communities.

Participants also explore the content from personal, interpersonal and institutional levels, which allows them to examine their own attitudes and beliefs, their ability to engage with people of different backgrounds than their own, and their connection to systemic barriers to and opportunities for equity for the sake of identifying what is needed to support inclusivity.  

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Diversity & Leadership Experiences for Youth

Diversity & Leadership Professional Development

Interfaith Programs

Affiliated Interfaith Programs