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We are a human relations organization dedicated to achieving respect and understanding for all through education and dialogue. OCCJ seeks to facilitate understanding and empower individuals to create inclusive communities through dynamic, diversity and inclusion programming for all ages. 

"In the struggle for equity and inclusion, there is still much work to do. Join us as we strive to educate and empower individuals and communities to achieve our vision of eliminating bigotry and racism in our state." – Moises Echeverria, President & CEO 

Meet Kayvon, our Marketing and Communications Intern from ORU! She was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, and is a senior at ORU! She's pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema/ Television/and Digital Media and has always had a passion for entertaining, whether it be telling stories to my family or recreating events or situations.

February 1 marks the beginning of Black History Month, a special time to honor Black and African American culture and achievements.