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Jewish/Christian Dialogue Group

The Jewish/Christian Dialogue Group was formed by Nancy Day and the Tulsa Chapter of the National Conference of Christians and Jews in 1982. The goal was to have monthly meetings of approximately twelve persons representing both Jewish and Christian faith communities to seek to understand the fundamental beliefs and practices of all faith communities involved. That initial group decided the best discussions every month might be enabled by asking all participants to read one or more chapters of an agreed-upon book. Books would be chosen from among the most educated and perceptive authors from both Jewish and Christian faith communities. Participants have changed over those forty years as individuals have moved from or into Tulsa or as due to sickness or death, but an average of twelve persons still meet every month, attempting to fulfill the original purposes established in 1982.

Presently, the group meets eleven times a year, with a combined November and December session, and group members take turns leading a monthly discussion. Membership currently consists of seven female and thirteen male members, which represents an all-time high for females. Group leadership is actively seeking to increase diversity within this group with new Christian and Jewish members of various other identities and backgrounds who could bring forward new perspectives. Please contact the co-chairs listed below for more information on joining this group, the current or past books of discussion and current meeting locations.  

Group Co-Chairs

  • Mouzon Biggs (
  • David Peterson (