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OCCJ Interfaith Dialog Group

This diverse group meets monthly for a spirited discussion on a wide range of topics from three Abrahamic faith and non-Abrahamic faith backgrounds and perspectives. Established in 1991 as the Jewish Christian Muslim Trialogue Group, the objective is to progress far beyond tolerance and cultivate an understanding of how Jews, Christians and Muslims think, act and live. The meetings are casual, collegial and open to all who want to learn more about faith traditions represented by group members.

The group has adopted a set of guidelines and requirements for discussion that emphasize personal perspectives based on our core beliefs. Members strive to pay close attention to one another, avoid argument and stress understanding. Without exception, members leave each meeting having learned valuable historical facts, fundamental beliefs and personal opinions for the participants.

Many meaningful discussions have been had over the years and the group invites interested members of the community to join them! Contact one of the co-chairs listed below to request joining the group and find out more information about this year's topics and meeting locations.

Group Co-Chairs

Jewish Co-Chair: Mark Lobo (

Christian Co-Chairs: Guy Langston ( & Jeremy Ambrose (

Muslim Co-Chair: Samina Khan(

Discussion Topics for 2022-2023

  • How do religions from the Abrahamic tradition of faith practice worship and prayer?
  • What is the role of women in our faith communities according to our scriptures and history? 
  • What are significant holidays in our faith traditions?
  • How does our faith help us deal with fear? 
  • What does spirituality and mysticism look like in our faith traditions?
  • What is the role of marriage and divorce according to our scriptures and history? 
  • What is the role of and understanding of prophets in our faith traditions?
  • What are golden rules within our traditions? 
  • What does our faith say about non-binary relationships?