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We are pleased to introduce Aria Sanders!

Aria Sanders serves as a Program Coordinator at OCCJ. She is passionate about education, health, and community.  She believes having discussions and providing resources aid in cultivating an inclusive community. These beliefs grew from her service as a volunteer coach, Servant Leader Intern with Freedom Schools, and a student panelist at Langston University. She is bilingual and grew up in the Twin Cities where she developed an interest in learning about other’s cultures and backgrounds. She is also interested in volunteering and service and will be involved. She looks forward to growing with the city and community that acknowledges and appreciates each other’s differences and thrives because of them. As a Minnesotan she is excited to foster relationships and root herself in the Tulsa community while focusing on eliminating bias, bigotry, and racism in Oklahoma.

Aria graduated from Langston University with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Education. She is currently a Tulsa Service Year fellow and excited to spend her year with OCCJ!