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Meet our new intern, Eunice!

My name is Eunice Kyavula from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I am a political science major as a junior at Oral Roberts University. My future goals are to continue my studies until a PhD in political science and women's and gender studies. Then by God's grace go on and join the UN, NGO, AU or the Parliament. I chose to intern at OCCJ because my vision is to make a difference in issues as racism and African leadership system into justice for people in the community. This internship will improve my information skills to help me know what exactly needs to be done to make a difference and gain leadership skills especially since it goes with my major of studies. Therefore, this will help fulfill my passion that I have for the minorities that are not justly treated. 

Being raised in an African household with African values, cultures and so much more has helped me appreciate who I am and always be grateful. Due to the poor government system in Africa, people don't usually get the justice they deserve as there is corruption, lack of democracy and so much more. Thankfully, God has been faithful to provide for my parents and was able to live and visit different countries around the world. This really impacted my interest in politics because of the way I have seen how African leaders treat and lie to citizens that they will make a change by buildings roads, schools, etc. but just have the money to themselves. Living in the US has helped me realized that I am called to make a difference in the African government system. This is the reason why I have decided to intern at OCCJ to learn more about leadership and what it takes to bring justice and ways to do so. 

I enjoy watching the news a lot everyday knowing what is happening all over the world. This way, it helps me to know what I need to do to make a difference in my society and make a change where needed. Apart from politics and study, I love watching and playing sports such as soccer, basketball and so much more. For now, though I have retired playing sports professionally because I want to focus on my studies and politics, but I watch and follow sports everyday as usual. In my free time, I practice afrobeat dancing styles from YouTube or Instagram. My family is the most important in my life, especially my sister, since we are only two in the family. I am very excited to be part of the OCCJ family and excited to see a greater change in me to become a better person and improve my skills.