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Thank you to OCCJ members whose gifts directly underwrite our programs throughout the state. Individual memberships allow OCCJ to continue our mission of eliminating bias, bigotry and racism.

Humanitarian Members

Billie and Howard Barnett, Jr.

Nancy and Dean Day

Moises Echeverria and Stuart Ashworth

Sherri Goodall

Steve Higgins

Amber Howard Cornelius

Steve Higgins

John Howk

Judy and Tom Kishner

Myra Long

Bill Major and Robert Babcock

Steve Malcolm

Ryan McDaniel

Sanjay Meshri

Pierce Norton

Dennis Neill

Rogue Recruitment

Terry and Ginger Spencer

Adrienne Watt Nesser


Roger and Sue Ames

Sharon J. Bell

Robin Berkstresser

Dr. Mouzon Biggs, Jr.

David Blatt

Suzie Bogle

Sharon Bookout

Laura Bottoms

Jacqueline Caldwell

Myers Campbell

David and Randee Charney

Yolanda Charney

Melanie and Matthew Christian

Anne Cleveland

Jayme Cox

Hether and Ace Cuervo

Robert and Sheri Curry

Jason and Candace Doctor

Ford and Vanessa Drummond

Gordana Duca

Larry and Cheryl Dukes

C. Elliott

William and Janis Farr

Amy Fichtner

Russ Florence

John Gaberino

John Gajda

Reuben Gant

Chuck Garrett

Jeremy Garrison

Pam Goldberg-Cass

Alex Golimbievsky

H. Vondale and Janet Graham

Helene Hallquist

Tony Haynie

Cliff Hjelm

Maggie Hoey

Robert and Theresa Ingram

Jeanne Jacobs

Ronald Jeffris

Toby Jenkins

Kathryn Jennings

Kelly Jennings

Hannibal Johnson

Lynn Jones

M & J Katz

Manju Kaul

Bill and Beverly Kellough

Sigrid Krause

Tamara Lebak

Josh Linton

Larry and Nina Lipe

Shelly Logsdon

Sara Martinez

Christen Miles

Ruth Ann Fate

Mark and Connie McFarland

Mercedes Millberry Fowler

Calvin Moniz

Christopher and Kathryn Moore

Mike and Leslie Moore

Tamra Moore

Jane Mudgett

Martin Newman

Russell Newman

David and Carolyn Nierenberg

Camille Owens

Dr. Katie Packell

Dr. Marion Paden

Gary and Cheri Peluso-Verdend

David L. Peterson

Renata and Sven Treitel

Dahlia Rainwater

Denise Reid

Dr. and Mrs. Blaine M. Sayre

M. Susan Savage

Sarah-Anne and John Schumann

Greg Shaw

Rabbi Charles and Nancy Sherman

Terrie Shipley

Justice and Aiden Waidner Smith

Tracy Spears

Susanna Weslie Southard

Charles and Alice Stanford

Sandra Thomas

Richard and Marilyn Thompson

Sven and Renata Treitel

Peggy Upham

Shannon Warren

Janet and Billy Westcott

Rev. David and Mary Wiggs

Lisa and Thomas Wilkins

Andrew and Nancy Wolov

Rev. Richard and Peggy Ziglar

Dave Zucconi