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In recent years, bullying has become an epidemic that schools across the country are struggling to combat. The Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice strives to train Oklahoman educators and families to combat bullying with its program, Middletown.

This half-day interactive workshop provides students with the tools and skills to reduce incidents of stereotyping and bullying in their schools. Students will gain knowledge through activities that bring them together in a safe and inclusive environment. Students will also learn about the effects of bullying on their peers as well as themselves. The activities in Middletown focus on the power of words, body-image, race, gender, relationships, and socio-economic status.

After completing the workshop, teachers will receive supplementary curriculum, which will help continue to support and expand upon ideas and insights gained during the presentation.

If you are interested in more information on how to receive Middletown, please contact OCCJ at 918.583.1361 or