Jewish - Christian - Muslim Study Group

This diverse group meets monthly for lunch and spirited discussion on a wide range of topics from three Abrahamic faith perspectives. Established in 1991, the objective is to progress far beyond tolerance and cultivate understanding of how Jews, Christians and Muslims think, act and live. The meetings are casual, collegial and open to all who want to know more about each other’s religion.

Our Study Group has adopted a set of guidelines and requirements for discussion that emphasize personal perspectives based on our core beliefs. We strive to pay close attention to one another, avoid argument and stress understanding. Without exception, we leave each meeting having learned valuable historical facts, fundamental beliefs and personal opinions for the participants.

This year the Study Group will be considering Spirituality vs. Reason as a potential theme. We look forward to many meaningful discussions and hope you join. Meetings are the second Monday of each month at noon. Special thanks to OU-Tulsa for hosting our meetings.

For more information and to request joining the group, please contact:

OCCJ Staff (
Jewish Co-Chair: Mark Lobo (
Christian Co-Chair: Guy Langston (
Muslim Co-Chair: Nadia Janjua (

The following statements from the three co-chairs of the group describe our view of the Study Group:

"As Jews, we have learned over millennia to live well in societies dominated by people with different ideologies and religious practices. In America we enjoy the freedom to practice our religion, as do all other citizens. This freedom is the key to living together in harmony, though to do so we must understand our neighbors whom we are instructed to love as we love each of those who adhere to our own ideology and religion."

"As Christians we share in the study group to be a part of the discussion, to deepen our understanding, and to broaden our appreciation of the other faith communities. The times require us all to use every opportunity we have to be in dialogue for the sake of all of us. Jesus calls all Christians to love God and our neighbor. This is a valuable way we can express this love."

"As Muslims we are both divinely and humanly inspired to open minds and hearts to the acceptance of diversity, equality of spirit and unanimity of respect for 'the other'. It only makes us proud to promote in weaving oneself and facilitate others into the rich and diverse fabric of this nation knowing we are second to none in opposing bias, challenging stereotypes, and promoting understanding. The OCCJ Trialogue Study Group provides the quintessential platform to intellectually articulate this homogeneity of ideas and we are honored to be a part of this singular program."

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