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About the Oklahoma City Annual Awards

The Oklahoma City Annual Awards honors individuals of outstanding dedication and community service in our region. Honorees exhibit an extensive record of involvement in civic, charitable, volunteer and professional organizations, and have contributed to the improvement of human relations among diverse groups in Oklahoma. The annual awards are the major fundraising event for our school and youth programs in the area.

We are delighted to announce that the Oklahoma City Annual Awards is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, October 8, in an exciting, virtual format.

Honoring Governor Brad and Kim Henry

It is our pleasure to announce that OCCJ is honoring Governor Brad and Kim Henry during the 2020 Oklahoma City Annual Awards dinner. OCCJ is recognizing the Henrys for their dedication to improving the lives of all Oklahomans through education, interfaith work and philanthropy.

The Annual Awards is the major source of funding for free programming and current events in our nation remind us of the critical need for OCCJ’s work. At the heart of our mission is creating spaces for dialogue and programs that serve to empower, educate, and inspire Oklahomans to create inclusive communities and, ultimately overcome oppression.

OCCJ’s programs range from “Different and the Same,” an awareness and anti-prejudice program for second second-grade students to community discussions addressing current issues such as racism, xenophobia, and, anti-Semitism. Because of the support of donors like you, 1,400 students participated in “Different and the Same” in 2019. Our work and programs have continued throughout the pandemic thanks to an accessible, virtual program model that has allowed us to reach over 3,700 educators, professionals and families.

More information on sponsorships available below and ticket information coming soon.