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Tulsa Annual Awards

We are delighted to announce that the 62nd Annual Awards is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, November 5, in an exciting, virtual format.

Honoring Local Heroes

We will celebrate the first responders of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the fortitude and leadership of the medical community, and frontline workers from a variety of sectors, Tulsa continues to navigate through this pandemic together. Their work benefits all of us during a challenging time – particularly the most vulnerable. This special program will premiere on Thursday, November 5.

The Annual Awards is the major source of funding for free programming and current events in our nation remind us of the critical need for OCCJ’s work. At the heart of our mission is creating spaces for dialogue and programs that serve to empower, educate, and inspire Oklahomans to create inclusive communities and, ultimately overcome oppression.

OCCJ’s programs range from “Different and the Same,” an awareness and anti-prejudice program for second second-grade students to community discussions addressing current issues such as racism, xenophobia, and, anti-Semitism. Because of the support of donors like you, 1,400 students participated in “Different and the Same” in 2019. Our work and programs have continued throughout the pandemic thanks to an accessible, virtual program model that has allowed us to reach over 3,700 educators, professionals and families.

More information on sponsorships available below and ticket information coming soon.

We hope you will join us in honoring the many heroes of COVID-19, who have kept our community safe and healthy, and celebrate the mission of OCCJ as we strive to create an inclusive Tulsa for all.