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Developing Inclusive Leaders for Our Community

“ILI was such an outstanding learning experience; even if you think you know a great deal about inclusion and leadership, I assure you that you’ll learn even more! Always ask, whose voice is not being heard?” 
– Ken Randall, PT, Ph.D., MHR, Associate Dean, OU-Tulsa

Class Composition

Participants of the Inclusive Leadership Institute are from various corporate, non-profit, governmental, and community organizations. This leadership training develops Oklahoma professionals into skilled leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to create inclusive workplaces and communities. The program seeks applicants who are interested in becoming inclusive leaders and making a difference in their communities and workplaces.


ILI approaches diversity and leadership issues from a no-fault, interactive foundation with the goal of affecting positive change.  Throughout the program, ILI emphasizes the six characteristics of inclusive leadership as identified through research by Deloitte.  These characteristics include commitment, courage, cognizance of bias, curiosity, cultural intelligence, and collaboration.

Program Goals

Participants Gain:

  • Participants will build their capacity for the six characteristics of inclusive leadership.
  • A tool kit for addressing issues of diversity in personal and professional settings.
  • An ability to be an advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Organizations Gain:

  • More well-rounded leaders that can operate from an inclusive perspective.
  • Employees with an increased understanding of the connection between inclusion and organizational success.
  • Employees with enhanced organization leadership skills and a vision for the future.

Application Process

Each class of 20-30 individuals is selected through a competitive application process. The selection committee seeks applicants with proven leadership skills who exhibit a strong community commitment. For questions, please contact us at or (918) 583-1361.

Enrollment for the 2020 session of the Inclusive Leadership Insitute is closed. Applicants will be notified of final selections by August 15. 

Participation Requirements

The ILI program consists of three immersive sessions. Attendance is expected at all sessions.* Program days will consist of seminars, personal reflection, presentations by Oklahoma Center for Community & Justice (OCCJ) staff, and in-depth facilitated group activities and discussion. 

2020 Program Dates

September 22, 2020: 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

October 6, 2020: 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

October 22, 2020: 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

*Participants can miss up to three hours of programming with advance notice and still graduate from the Inclusive Leadership Institute. In the event of an extended absence, participants can still attend, but will not receive the full benefits of the institute In the event of an emergency, OCCJ office at (918) 583-1361 so accommodations can be made.


Tuition & Payment

Tuition for each participant of ILI is $500. Applicants may be sponsored by their employers, or with agreement from their employer, may sponsor themselves. If you are accepted into ILI, you and/or your employer will be invoiced accordingly. Payment is due immediately upon receipt of invoice.

Payments for ILI may be made online here


Scholarships are available to cover up to 50% of the program fee for eligible participants. For more information on scholarships, or contact OCCJ at or (918) 583-1361.

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