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OCCJ’s Inclusive Leadership Collective (ILC) develops leaders who are informed and respectfully face challenges of diversity, to create equitable workplaces in our state. ILC seeks to create a place to live that attracts and retains top talent where hospitality and justice are the new normal.

What does ILC do?

• Promotes OCCJ’s mission of achieving respect and understanding for all people through education, advocacy and dialogue.

• Develops Oklahoma’s next generation of inclusive leaders.

• Builds a network of inclusive leaders who are a resource for companies and organizations.

How does ILC work?

OCCJ’s ILC consists of a leadership team of professionals working to bring dynamic diversity, inclusion and equity programming to the community. The leadership team plans events open to all members of ILC as well as a flagship program called the Inclusive Leadership Institute. At the institute, Oklahoma professionals have the opportunity to develop the necessary skills and tools to become more inclusive leaders.

For more information contact our office at or (918) 583-1361.

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