Middletown Institute

Someone is bullied every seven seconds. In recent years, bullying has become an epidemic that schools across the country are struggling to combat. OCCJ hopes to help Oklahoma educators combat bullying with its new program, Middletown.

Middletown is a half-day interactive workshop for students in 7th grade. This program provides participants with the tools and basic skills to reduce incidents of racism and bullying in their schools. Students will learn, through activities that bring them together in a safe environment, the effects of bullying on their own emotions and the emotions of their peers. These activities will focus on body-image, race, gender, and relationship-orientation, in broad contexts.

After the workshop, teachers will receive a semester of supplementary curriculum. With this curriculum, teachers can continue to support and expand upon the ideas and insights gained at Middletown. Ultimately, the goal is to have in place a steady curriculum of OCCJ material, beginning in 2nd grade with Different and the Same, moving into 7th grade with Middletown, and continuing into High School with the Anyday and Anytown programs.

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