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Thankful for free speech

Promoting social justice, equality, education and tolerance are the baseline missions of the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice. We are thankful for the opportunity to promote our mission – even when this means speaking out against a few voices in elected positions. Through various media outlets and member communications, the staff and board members at OCCJ have recently been busy promoting equality to counteract the inappropriate and hate-filled comments by members of the Oklahoma legislature. We don’t stand idly by when anyone – especially someone in a position of political power – spreads hate and misinformation. To counteract the recent anti-equality comments by our state elected officials, we’ve taken the following actions.

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Unity pledge

Click here for a final piece penned by Russ Florence for the Oklahoma Gazette. Additionally, special thanks to Russ for his tireless work for our mission in recent weeks. It’s volunteers like Russ, our board members and involved parties that allow us to continue our mission in Oklahoma.

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