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OCCJ in Oklahoma City

This fall, OCCJ is set to implement additional programs in Oklahoma City to further impact more areas of the state. OCCJ staff are partnering with Respect Diversity Foundation for the Different and the Same program; and with the Interfaith Alliance of OKC for the Amazing Faiths program. In Amazing Faiths, people from different faith communities come together for dialogue while sharing dinner in each other’s homes.

Linda and Drew Edmondson and Gable Gotwals sponsored a welcome breakfast for Jayme Cox, OCCJ president and CEO, on July 31 at The Faculty House in Oklahoma City. Nearly 50 attendees learned the importance of OCCJ’s mission and presence in OKC as presented by Drew Edmondson. Additionally, Jayme and Russ Florence, board chairman, gave an update on the programs that are expanding in the OKC area this fall. Attendees were encouraged to help OCCJ staff reach out to contacts in the area who might be interested in our mission and programming. If you live in the Oklahoma City area and would like to help OCCJ promote equality across the state, please call (918) 583-1361.

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