• Ginny Creveling

    Ginny Creveling

    “I believe in OCCJ and its mission because OCCJ helps us focus not on how we are different, but rather on our shared humanity and the fundamental values we hold in common as citizens in a free society.”

  • Rabbi Marc Boone Fitzerman

    Rabbi Marc Boone Fitzerman

    “I believe in OCCJ because it faces the hard questions – anger, intolerance, mistrust – with energy and passion.”

  • Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson

    “I believe in the mission of the OCCJ because as a civilized society there is nothing more fundamental than understanding and respect among all races, religions and cultures. Understanding and respecting our differences is a prerequisite to valuing our differences. As we learn to value our differences, we open avenues for not only achieving higher levels of personal satisfaction, but also higher levels of productivity and achievement. In other words, in order for Tulsa and this state to be everything that it can be, all of our citizens must feel valued, and that they can be everything that they can be. OCCJ’s track record of providing advocacy and education is in direct support of this objective.”

  • Maria Carlota Palacios

    Maria Carlota Palacios

    “I believe in OCCJ and its mission because it is an organization that represents my values and beliefs about the importance of respecting people, celebrating the differences we share, and promoting understanding.”

  • Sheryl Siddiqui

    Sheryl Siddiqui

    “I believe in OCCJ and its mission because we only need to look at history to know that we cannot afford NOT to do this work. Building a community based on truth and understanding fosters more security and more resources going to educational and economic growth and less to the consequences of bias, bigotry and racism.”

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